Piloting Small Aircraft

American Champion Super Decathlon


One of my passions is piloting small aircraft.  The freedom to move about in three dimensions is downright cathartic.  The plane pictured above is a Super Decathlon.  It's fully aerobatic, highly responsive, predictable, reliable, and forgiving.  Below are some fun videos showing what it can do.   

Aerobatics from the cowling of my Super Decathlon

Tom and Betty's Excellent Adventure

Courageous Crossfitters - this one to music!

Lockwood Aircam


Another favorite machine is this bright yellow Lockwood Aircam.  This highly unusual plane features a giant wing, twin pusher prop engines, large off-field tires and a pilot seat cantilevered far forward for unobstructed pilot views.  It was designed to film wildlife, flying low and slow over rugged terrain and landing where most planes cannot.  You've probably seen National Geographic broadcasts that were filmed, in part, from a Lockwood Aircam.  

In the two videos below, I fly a friend and his young daughter on a sightseeing tour over the desert.  The first is the takeoff and the second is the landing - both seen from the rear most seat of this three seat aircraft.

Lockwood Aircam Takeoff

Lockwood Aircam Landing