Published Works & Interviews

Ethics of Self-Driving Cars


For this 2016 IEEE engineering magazine, I contributed a peer reviewed article, "Will My Next Car Be a Libertarian or a Utilitarian?  Who Will Decide?" 

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Radio Interview Regarding Self-Driving Cars


Mandy Connell of iHeart News Radio interviewed me on air about my article on the ethics of self-driving cars published in IEEE Technology and Society Magazine.


Environmental Ethics


For this Schmidtz & Willott college text, I contributed an article weighing libertarian vs. utilitarian ethics as authority to regulate pollution.

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Political Fallacy


In this January 2016 cover story of Mensa Bulletin, I contribute a non-partisan study of common fallacies used in political discourse.

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Radio Interview Regarding Political Fallacy


Mandy Connell of KOA 850 iHeart News Radio interviewed me on air about my article on Philosophy and Political Fallacy published in the Mensa Bulletin.


Liberty and Debt


For this Brigham Young University student journal of philosophy, I contributed a peer reviewed article, "Liberty and Debt", extolling the libertarian conception of negative freedom while elucidating social debt as its missing piece. 

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Gun Fallacy


  In this September 2018 Columbus Free Press op-ed, "Dishonest Talk of Killing People", I explore a subtle fallacy in the prominent pro gun rights argument.

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Mental Causation


   My Master's Thesis uses emergence and a distinction between 'meaning giving' and 'meaning aware' to provide an account of mental causation that avoids overdetermination.

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AOPA - No Airspeed Article


 In this October 2014 issue of AOPA PILOT magazine, I contributed a lessons learned article to their "Never Again" monthly series.

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Vehicle Software Shapeshifters


For CIO REVIEW magazine, I contributed an article about detecting vehicle emissions design cheating titled, "Spotting Wayward Shapeshifters in the Data".  VW-type cheating can be detected with the right monitoring technologies.

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Autonomous Vehicle Safety


For CIO Applications Magazine, I contributed an article about vehicle safe condition regarding driver assist and autonomous driving technology.

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Biometric Authentication


For Government Technology Magazine, I contributed an article on early applications of iris scanning biometric authentication as a means to ensure appropriate access to government mandated vehicle inspection systems and related data. 

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Vehicle On Board Diagnostics


For this international gathering of the world's largest association of automotive engineers, I presented a paper that was published as part of the proceedings.  "On Board Diagnostics II (OBDII) Emissions Inspection Failures Compared to Traditional Tailpipe Emissions Inspection Failures." 

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Works In Progress

Ancient Ethics and Modern Morality


     "Are Ancient Ethics and Modern Morality the Same Endeavor?"  This paper explores the works of Michael Frede and Julia Annas.  The answer to the question is not at all obvious. 

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These are unpublished works in progress. I welcome emails with your constructive criticism.

Ethical Theory Valuations


"Against Stochastic Independence of Ethical Theory Valuations" How shall we decide among competing moral theories when we must act but are uncertain as to which theory is correct?  

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